About us

Hearkening the requirements of modern times and realizing the need for modernization of production, standardization and marketing of honey like every human activitywe moved recently to the creation of a modern beekeeping operations unit in order to be profitable and to have a future.
A unit that is characterized by the good organization and the modern equipment, since the way and means of packaging and standardization of honey have great importance for the promotion and marketing of the product in the market and to the final consumer, thus ensuring its quality.
In a beautiful location in St Catherine in Kefala, overlooking the sea and mountains smothered in thyme, operates the first packing-bottling on the island, and plans for further development in order to be able to produce and other products with key ingredient honey, such as nougat, have already begun to fall on the table.
"Through our involvement with the beekeeping from the seminars that we attended, and major exhibitions in which we participated, we found it is imperative for us as producers to move to standardized branded products. Why it is today, more than anything else, the way that you offer a product, how much you respect, when you check in, if you store and pack properly and if you control for that, " This product is subject to annual laboratory tests to confirm quality, and the packaging conditions and standardization of it".
Our company has obtained the license as well as the approval number of the establishment, who in accordance with the relevant legislation "enables the normative small business to maintain its competitive advantage over other companies and beekeeping in very demanding markets, such as foreign countries in which the quality and full knowledge of the crop and standardization is the goal. "

Our unit implements the control system HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) which is a proactive process that aims to ensure the health and safety of the product from which an operator at all stages of production and distribution.
This process ensures the unit our products high quality and nutritional value in the highly competitive market operates.

Today we have a unit with 230 beehives whose stay, depending on the season, split between Kos and Kalymnos. In Kalymnos bees find the very popular plant, thyme with which bees make the most famous honey, thyme honey is of excellent quality. The name of the product we produce is "melicatessen".

"From May until 20 June approximately we place the hives in our unit area in St. Catherine (where the sun rises) so that the bees gather honey early and from 20 June to late August in the transfer Emporio for late honey. "

According to agronomists who know the beekeeping "the Greek Honey is considered as the best in the world, since the superiority due to the great biodiversity (large number of different plants), on soil, climatic conditions of our country and the high cognitive level, professionalism and enthusiasm of the Greek beekeeper. But then a brand name. Standardisation-processing this problem comes to solve. The Greek honey acquire the added value of the contribution. "